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An ordinary girl said
Already taken by Mr.I :) He's the only one in my heart today , tomorrow and forever . I love you till the end of my life bie ♥

Le Princessa ♛

 On 19th September 1994 she was born to know the world . Her parents gave her such a beautiful name - Nurul Afiqah binti Mohd Ayub - She was the fifth of six siblings and she has her own attitude . Don't care what people say and made the best decision is her principle . Her weakness is cry for no reason . So better don't make she cry or else you got punch ! 

 She loves :)




 Cute stuffs 

 She damn HATES -,-



 Frogs / all kinds of animal -,- *geli ekceli 

 Stupid playboy 

Lots of love,

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