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An ordinary girl said
Already taken by Mr.I :) He's the only one in my heart today , tomorrow and forever . I love you till the end of my life bie ♥

Family , friends and loves one ♥

Family is everything to me . No matter hard or easy they are always at my side. They are like heaven to protect me. They always lead me towards goodness and prevent me from being involved in what was not. I love my family. Without them I am not anyone. Thank you Allah 

Friends, when I fall you always there to lend a hand. When I am sad, you are always lend your shoulderWhen I was in trouble, you always calm me. And when I succeed, you are the person who will I share the success togetherI love you friend 

You, thanks for accept me. You are everything to me. Without you I am nothingMy heart just for you. As long as I breatheas long as it is I will continue loving you 

Lots of love ,
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